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Year 1


Year 1

During the Spring Term we have enjoyed learning about jungles. We have completed a special task, given to us by a Jungle Explorer who asked us to create a jungle fact file. We have made our own riddles about jungle animals. We enjoyed looking at maps to find out where jungles are in the world. We became jungle explorers, choosing items to pack in a rucksack to take on our jungle exploration in the woods. It was very exciting!

In Maths we have been making jungle animals out of 2D shapes. We have been estimating and checking the length of snakes. We have been solving jungle word problems using our own small world jungle and we have enjoyed measuring the temperature around the school.

We have had lots of fun getting messy during our art project. We have created jungle pictures in the style of Henri Rousseau through collages, leaf printing and painting.

We are also very lucky to be taking part in a workshop to help save the rainforests.

We are looking forward to next term’s topic ‘Here Be Dragons.’ It would be lovely if you could visit a castle over the half term holiday. New home challenges will be sent home with lots of activities about knights, castles and dragons. It would be fantastic if you could continue to support the children to complete these. They love to share what they have been doing with the class.

Year 1 have P.E every Thursday afternoon. The children will need t-shirt and shorts which can be left in school and taken home at the end of the term.