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Reception Spring Term


This term our first theme is ‘Winter Wonderland.’ When we arrived in school after Christmas igloos appeared in our classrooms, we were so excited! We have been finding out about Winter and how it changes the world around us and what clothes we need wear to keep warm. We are investigating how ice is made and how it disappears!  After that will be finding out about cold places on our planet and the wonderful creatures who live there. We will also be introducing the children to what we can do to look after ‘their’ planet.


We have been out and about for Winter walks, hunting for penguins outdoors and building shelters. We have been measuring using Polar bear footprints and solving problems for our class Polar Bear Mr White! We will be learning songs and rhymes about penguins and Polar bears and moving around like them too!


On Wednesday 26th February we will be visiting Folly Farm to see the Penguins. This trip will lead us into our next topic where we will be learning about farms and the important jobs they do.

Our stories are ‘Come inside’, Cuddly Dudley, Penguin and the Pinecone ,Say Hello to the Snowy Animals, How Big is a Million? The Snow Bears.