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Meet the Team

Headteacher – Ms M. Paish

Associate Headteacher – Ms P. Parry

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs S. Williams

Assistant Headteacher (& ALNCO) – Miss R. Thomas

Mrs S. Phillips

Mrs J. Rawlings (Year Leader)

Mrs K. Smart

Mrs N. Warlow

Year 1
Mrs S. Farmer (Joint Year Leader)/Mrs C. Wood

 Miss R. Howells (Joint Year Leader)

Mrs J Shaw


Year 2
Miss Z. Jenkins (Year Leader)

Miss S. Neale

Miss K Quant


Year 3
Mrs L. Curtis (Year Leader)

Mr M. Cheung

Mrs T. Davies

Miss S. Thomas

Year 4
Mrs J. Stewart-Walvin (Year Leader)

Miss E. Hamilton

Mr A. Deacon


Year 5
 Mrs L. Humphries (Year Leader)

Miss H. Sayers

Mrs R. Johnson

 Mrs N. Coles

Year 6
Mrs C. Goronwy (Year Leader)

Mrs C. Morgan

Miss J. Langdon

Mrs M. Sizer (Business Manager)
Mrs J. John (Family Liaison Officer)
Mrs B. David (Attendance & Engagement Officer)
Mrs T. Williams

Miss S. Knight
Miss N. Dunnion
Mrs L. Bowles
Mrs D. Day
Mrs D. O’Donovan

Site Teams
o be appointed (Site Manager)
Mr D. Humphries (Caretaker)