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Year 4



Language, Literacy & Communication Maths and Numeracy Science & Technology
Talk 4 Writing:

Core Story

·          The Hobbit


·          Diary

·          Recount

·          Quest story

·          Scientific explanation

·          Leaflet


·          Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns

·          Dialogue

·          Fronted Adverbials

·          Metaphors and similes

·          Rhyme and rhythm

·          Paragraphs and clauses

·          Plurals


·          Easter Show


·          Reading and understanding 4d numbers

·          Factors and multiples

·          Place Value

·          Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000

·          Multiplication and division strategies

·          Column addition and subtraction

·          Reading along scales

·          Decimal numbers

·          2,3,4,5,6,10,11 time tables

Outer Maths:

·          Problem solving

·          Data handling

·          Weight

·          Capacity

·          Recognise a right angle

·          Use eight compass points to describe direction (

·          Charts & graphs

·          Negative Numbers

·          Temperature

·          To investigate the inventions of Thomas Edison and using complete circuits.

·          investigate the discoveries of Benjamin Franklin and electrical conductors and insulators.


Welsh Humanities Expressive Arts
·          Dydd Sadwrn – diary activities

·          St David’s Day

·          Welsh enrichment week

·          Locating USA on map and comparing American States

·          Describing USA landscapes

·          Comparing USA and UK

·          Who discovered North America and who were the first European Settlers?

·          What was life like for the Native American Indians?

·          What impact did the European Settlers have on the lives of the Native American Indians?

·          The life of Homesteaders and Cowboys

·          Food and the indigenous people

·          Food influences from the slave trade

·          Mexican cooking

·          Drawing a dreamcatcher

·          Making a dreamcatcher

·          Easter Show


Health & Wellbeing PE/Games RE
·          How do we keep warm?

·          How do we keep cool?

·          To consider why certain foods are unhealthy if eaten regularly, and recognise the value of eating food together

·          Sustaining exercise

·          Keeping safe online

·          Dance – Native American Indian ceremonial dances

·          Gymnastics & indoor exercise

·          Ball skills

·          Being part of a community

·          Right and Wrong decisions



How can you help?

  • We ask that the children read at home every evening and weekend, and they bring their reading books back into school with their record signed by an adult listener when they are finished.
  • Outdoor games is on a Thursday afternoon and the children must have a complete change of clothing and footwear for this session.
  • The Year 4 Easter story performance will be during week commencing 30 March. Details and exact dates to follow from class teachers.
  • Swimming will start after Easter. Children MUST have a swimming hat and may bring goggles if they wish.
  • Maths homework is set on a Monday as revision for a test on Friday.
  • Spellings are now learned through our topic and are practised in school. Occasionally your child may be given a spelling list to bring home and learn when specific spelling needs have been identified.