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Half Term message

We break up today for the October half term. All the staff of Milford Haven Community Primary School would like to wish you a very enjoyable break. Please all take care and keep safe. The school is closed for two weeks from Monday 19 October until Friday 30 October 2020. Pupils return to school on Monday 2 November 2020.

PCC has asked us to let you know that if you receive a positive outcome to a Covid-19 test during half term please can you contact the email or contact the Call Centre on 01437 764551 and ask them to send an email for you to let the local authority know. The local authority will then make contact directly with MHCPS school leadership using emergency contact procedures.

Please see the useful Covid-19 visual help guides from Public Health Wales that are attached.

Flowchart-en       Symptoms_en       WhenToTest-en

Have a lovely break and we hope that you enjoy our virtual harvest celebrations, which you can see on our Facebook page.