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Author: MandyP

Evaluation of PDG spend for 2018-2019

Evaluation of Pupil Development Grant (PDG) for 7/12 of 2018-2019 Academic Year

Grant Allocation

Milford Haven Community Primary School

2018/19 Allocation (7/12 allocation) Amount
Continuum of statutory school age PDG allocation (based on January 2016 FSM per Welsh Government) £108,010
Additional resource for PDG Early Years allocation (EYPDG)

(Increase of £100 on 17/18 allocation: £700 per pupil)





The grant was fully spent.

As a result of the EYPDG all Nursery pupils eligible for free school meals (eFSM) were provided with pre-school home visits and all pupils settled well into school. Any early years pupils who had greater needs were afforded support and a higher level of intervention through the Clubhouse on the Meads site.  As a result of this intensive support a minority were reintegrated into mainstream full time and a majority were reintegrated on a part-time timetable.

Speech and language interventions were also provided for early years and foundation phase pupils.

Within the Nursery setting about a third of the pupils were identified as requiring speech and language interventions. Half of the pupils received targeted 1:1 programmes and the others attended small group sessions. Pupils from Reception to Year 2 continued with interventions where required. Across the phase and by the end of Year 2 good progress was made.

Additional support staff, over ratios, provided additional support for Literacy, numeracy and wellbeing in the foundation phase. By the end of the foundation phase all eFSM pupils met their targets in all areas of learning and the foundation phase outcome indicator (FPI). Performance of eFSM pupils continued its upward trend in improvement. However, eFSM pupils are still performing below the nonFSM pupils in the FPI (82.1% compared to 90.8%).

Support staff in key stage 2 provided literacy, numeracy and wellbeing intervention support. In key stage 2 all eFSM pupils achieved their targets in English. A few just missed their targets in mathematics and science and hence the core subject indicator.

The Family Liaison Officers have once again worked tirelessly to support vulnerable families. The profile of safeguarding has remained high. Good relationships between the school and all families has continued with the advent of the new school. Fixed-term exclusions across the school are very few. There were no exclusions for any pupils in the foundation phase. Attendance for 2018-2019 has remained around the same as the